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Is Zomato inviting you to its wedding?

A front page print ad will have you believe the food aggregator app is about to tie the knot this wedding season.

Zomato has taken to the Sunday Times newspaper to announce its union with ‘dinner’. The makeover of the ad itself comes straight from the book of wedding cards. I suppose the wedding season is upon us, and Zomato is feeling all sorts of ways. 

The ‘union’ is between Zomato, who is apparently the son of ‘on-time delivery and up to 60% off’, and Dinner, who is ‘the daughter of evening snacks and late night munching’. “Please bless the occasion with your presence” reads the invitation.

Is Zomato inviting you to its wedding?

Beyond the date (3rd December) and venue (your home), Blinkit, assumingly a child with lisp, is urging you to attend the ceremony. “Mele Bhaiya ke function pe jalul-jalul aana”. 

Oh and by the way, Zomato has a set of reasons to persuade you. Away from an actual wedding ceremony that asks you to dress up, this one will have you stay in your pyjamas. No travel either, the food comes to you. And while you’re eating it, there will not be a cameraman recording you devour your meal.

Is Zomato inviting you to its wedding?
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