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ISMA initiates India's sweet bond with #CheeniSaMeethaIndia

ISMA acknowledges the importance of dispelling misconceptions and concerns surrounding sugar consumption.

ISMA launches a campaign #CheeniSaMeethaIndia to ensure that 'cheeni,' 'sugar,' and 'sakhare' receive their well-deserved recognition. With the objective of nurturing a more equitable and enlightening comprehension of sugar, ISMA aspires to lead an expedition through the annals of sugar's history and its indispensable role in our everyday lives. 

The first glimpse of the audio visual was released in the recently organised ‘The Indian Sugar and Bio-energy Conference’ in the presence of numerous dignitaries from the sugar and allied industries.

ISMA believes that it's time to rediscover the sweetness of sugar and to acknowledge its significance, both from a health and cultural perspective. For years, sugar has been painted as the 'villain,' leading many individuals to experience guilt over their sugar consumption.

The campaign clarifies that consuming moderate amounts of sugar leads to an active lifestyle. It features a series of informative videos that delve into the history, significance, and versatile uses of sugar. Through these videos, the brand aims at cultivating a positive and balanced connection with sugar, with a particular focus on adults and working-age individuals.

Aditya Jhunjhunwala, president, ISMA, said, "Our goal with the campaign is to enlighten the masses about sugar's long standing role as an integral part of our lives, and it is high time we dispel the negative misconceptions associated with it. By dispelling myths and fostering a balanced perspective, we aim to convey that sugar, when consumed in moderation, can indeed complement a healthy lifestyle."

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