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Jupiter targets shady instant loan apps in its latest campaign

The second film in its mockumentary-style campaign highlights the pitfalls of taking month-end loans from dubious apps.

Jupiter, the 1-app for everything money,  has released its second mockumentary film as part of its On-Demand Salary campaign.  Jupiter’s On-Demand Salary lets any user withdraw their salary based on the number of days they have worked, on any day of the month at 0% interest for 45 days.

Jupiter wants to empower millennials to withdraw their own hard-earned salary any day of the month and protect them from hidden terms and conditions and high interest rates

The second film features a Pehelwaan - a henchman hired by such instant loan apps to recover any money they have lent from defaulters. This film uncovers the dark realities of taking instant loans, especially month-end loans, from such apps. By narrating a heartwarming story of one such Pehelwaan, Jupiter showcases the high-interest rates, hidden terms and conditions, and the dangerous repercussions of taking such quick loans. 

Speaking on the launch, Apurv Narang, head, growth & marketing, at Jupiter said, “On-Demand Salary empowers every employee, working with any company, with a no-questions-asked product. Withdrawing your own earned salary eliminates the confusion, stress, and fear that come with seeking instant credit from friends, family, or unreliable credit sources.”

The year 2023 will be a big one for Jupiter as it gears up to roll out multiple innovative investments and credit-focused products designed to broaden the Indian consumers’ basket of financial offerings.

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