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Jupiter unveils its latest campaign - ‘Let’s talk money’

: Jupiter, the 1-app for everything money, has launched its latest campaign “Let’s talk money”.

The campaign highlights how talking about money is seen as a taboo in society. With this campaign, Jupiter is encouraging people to discuss money more openly. 

In its campaign, Jupiter doesn’t feature any big-name stars. Instead, it gets everyday millennials like you and me to discuss the confusion, stress, anxiety, and fear we all feel when it comes to money and managing our money. 

This not only makes the campaign more relatable but also lends an honesty otherwise missing in similar star-studded celebrity campaigns. The 4 videos released by Jupiter are only part 1 of this campaign with more on the way. 

Conceptualised and executed in-house, “Let’s talk money” opens a thread of conversation that most of us crave to have but are unable to because of embarrassment or the fear of judgment by those around us. 

Apurv Narang, head of growth and marketing, Jupiter, said, “By not speaking about money and our relationship with it openly, we are actually giving it more power over us. Bottling up these thoughts only adds to the stress and anxiety that come with managing money.” 

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“We want to make talking about money as easy as talking about what you ordered for dinner last night or where you shopped last weekend. Our aim with “Let’s talk money” is to make discussing money a part of everyday conversation and not be seen as a taboo” he added. 

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