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Jupiter unveils new campaign with Momo Media

The ad films highlighted the difficulties of financial management and how Jupiter can resolve them.

Jupiter, a neo-banking start-up from India, has launched ad films highlighting no-penalty SIP, their new feature that helps customers invest worry-free.

The ad films, aimed at retail investors, emphasize the difficulties and frustrations associated with missed SIP payments and the unrealistic penalties charged over them.

Momo Media, a video content studio offering complete video solutions, created the two-film campaigns.

The ad films highlight the difficulties of financial management and how Jupiter can resolve them. The creative direction of the CCTV film emphasizes the challenges individuals face in managing multiple SIP payments while the Dreams film illustrates how simple it is to skip SIP payments and how the saved money can be invested in pursuing one's aspirations.

Anant Sharma, co-founder & Creative Head of Momo Media, said "The biggest consideration we had for this campaign was to keep it as far away from conventional online advertising as possible. One film was treated like it was leaked footage from a frustrated customer's private home, and another used editing and sound design techniques inspired by Edgar Wright films. Working with Jupiter as a client is always a great experience because they strive for originality, perfection, and unmistakable clarity in all their content. What more could an agency ask for!"

The films are directed by Shombuddha Majumdar from Momo Media, and the CCTV film was conceptualized by Aman Jain from Jupiter.  Shombuddha’s ability to bring strong performance from actors and his attention to detail make the films relatable. 

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