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Kantar strengthens YouTube ad campaign measurement with Google’s Ads Data Hub

Marketers, with immediate effect, can independently measure ad campaign performance on YouTube.

Kantar, a British market research company, as part of its Project Moonshot, said, “Third-party cookies, the foundation of digital campaign measurement, will soon no longer be a part of our industry. Yet only 40% of marketers have started preparing.”

To aid marketers, Kantar has announced its migration to Ads Data Hub, Google’s cloud-based solution that will help marketers “independently measure ad campaign performance on YouTube, across all devices and platforms.” Through Kantar’s Brand Lift Insights, its ad effectiveness measurement solution, advertisers can check their campaign performance with immediate effect.

Ads Data Hub allows advertisers to understand how their advertising is performing across screens, including mobile apps, through aggregated insights from Google ad platforms, including YouTube, Google Ads and Display & Video 360.

Project Moonshot is the first advertising industry initiative to establish direct data integrations with the world’s major digital publishers and apps and provides advertisers with cookie-less and privacy-centric methodologies to measure ad effectiveness. Project Moonshot was established to achieve three industry-wide goals:

  • The creation of a privacy-centric, next-generation data and technology platform to migrate the industry from cookie-based measurement to direct publisher integrations.

  • Independent cross-publisher ad effectiveness measurement across all publishers within a media plan, including polling solutions for walled garden environments and cross-publisher campaigns.

  • 95% of global digital ad spend to be represented, by integrating 250 publishers into cross-publisher measurement on the platform by the end of 2021.

Jane Ostler, Kantar’s global head of Advertising Effectiveness, commented, “We know that advertisers prefer cross-publisher ad effectiveness measurement, and today’s announcement is a further giant step in that direction. Our Media Reactions research shows that almost two thirds (65%) of advertisers plan to increase their online video ad spend in 2021, and we know that YouTube is rated as a popular video platform by advertisers.”

“Moving this integration with Google from beta-test to general availability is a major milestone both for Kantar and Google, and for the world’s advertisers, who can now better justify their advertising budgets using proven third-party effectiveness measurement.”

“In this tough COVID-19 business environment where almost two-thirds (61%)1 of companies have reduced their marketing spend by an average of 36.7%, understanding effectiveness has never been more vital.”

Cover image photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash