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Katrina Kaif invests in health and wellness brand Hyugalife

Sequoia-backed is the brainchild of Ex Nykaa CFO Sachin Parikh, Anvi Shah (Ex-Unilever), and Neehar Modi (Ex-Amazon).

Katrina Kaif has partnered with, a health and wellness platform that sources products from 300+ brands.

Sequoia backed is the brain child of Ex Nykaa CFO Sachin Parikh, Anvi Shah (Ex-Unilever) and Neehar Modi (Ex-Amazon).

The film features Katrina Kaif, the business woman in a power suit grooving to the catchy HyugaLife rap. The visuals are unlike what Indian advertising has seen before. has done a great job of onboarding a very relevant ambassador and utilizing her personal brand in the film coherently. Katrina Kaif in an ad for a health and wellness platform is as synergetic as it gets. She has been walking the talk all her life, so when she passes one the protein shake or immunity boosters, it is organic. Like it is coming from someone who knows what they are talking about…

The rap makes the ad fun and upbeat, rather than dry and clinical, which is often the case with health-related advertising.

In this era of Cognitive fatigue, the ad does strand out from crowd and appeals to a wide range of people, while still conveying the core message of, that of just starting a healthy habit. It can get overwhelming, but can help with their wide range of products and a promise of authenticity.

Anvi Shah, founder and CEO of, said, "Like a mother finds her baby flawless, to me, this film is perfection. But keeping the blood and sweat my team put into this film aside and watching it, one can't help but start humming and grooving to 'ibidididid' Hyugalife. It doesn't hurt that Katrina is impeccable in every frame."

Renowned ad filmmaker Anish Dedhia, who directed this one said, "Hyugalife is self-aware as a brand, and our aim was to make the visuals of this campaign engaging and captivating. And also borrow from some quirky features has on their app/website. Katrina being the cool cat she is along with the other actors were placed in an abstract setting to give a sense of how well you can take care of yourself health-wise and be well-maintained and groomed at the same time. We used some fun emoticons and graphical elements to make it an entertaining watch.

An amalgamation of mixed media elements, camera movements, lighting and some quirky shots - we could make the visuals attractive which added a retentive memory quality to the campaign."

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