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KFC doubles down against chicken thieves with a new burger

The fast-food giant is taking on those who pile on chicken pieces from food items and leave nothing for others.

How many times have you spotted someone picking all the chicken pieces from a bowl of noodles? When it’s your turn, you are left with nothing but noodles. The audacity we tell you.

Actress Ratna Pathak Shah faces a similar experience in KFC’s new ad. Standing behind a lady at a wedding food counter, the lady goes on bemoaning about Babli who would not stop piling food after food on her plate whilst picking all the chicken from the noodles herself. Poor Shah could only watch.

At that very moment, Colonel Sanders, no, this one’s a lookalike arrives in a scooter to announce the Double Down burger; think fried chicken where you’d find the buns in a burger. It's apparently the only way to arrest the spread of such chicken thieves.