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KFC releases TVC to announce the comeback of Chizza

The campaign film stars the cult product & legendary Colonel Sanders in leading roles.

KFC Chizza is making a comeback and to announce the much-awaited return, KFC India released a TVC featuring none other than Colonel himself.

The film opens with Colonel taking viewers into the KFC kitchen while he works on this fan fav creation. The crispy chicken fillets makes an enticing appearance, leaving viewers wanting more. As the music builds, the Colonel is seen grooving, whilst sprinkling cheese on the fillet. 

Viewers are in for a delight as they witness the cheesy sizzle as the Chizza gets ready. The perfect scattering of onions and mixed peppers on top, along with the classic herb sprinkle, on the all chicken, no crust Chizza is what makes it a blockbuster hit amongst fans. The cheesy pull at first bite and the Colonel’s declaration “KFC Chizza…. the crunch begins. Let’s KFC!”  is the perfect climax to the film. This superhit is now back at a KFC near you!

Moksh Chopra, general manager, KFC India, commented on the new KFC Chizza TVC, saying, “Fans have been waiting for the Chizza to come back, and the new year felt like the perfect time to announce the biggest blockbuster of the year. With all chicken and no crust, Chizza has the perfect balance of crunch and cheese. Fans love the combination of our crispy chicken, with the flavours of the sauce & veggies, topped with the classic herb sprinkle. Making it truly love at every bite!”

Talking about the TVC, Ritu Sharda, COO, North, Ogilvy India said, “Chizza has been the biggest blockbuster for KFC. So instead of writing an ad to announce its arrival, we wrote an epic movie trailer. With everything you would expect from a trailer - a suspenseful entry, dramatic typography, reviews, that quintessential clever cheeky line and of course, a blockbuster song to announce its entry in full swag, “Bachna ae haseeno, lo mein aa gaya".

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