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KFC’s gets fans cheering

The ad film celebrates the dhamakedaar pairing of KFC’s chicken with your match viewing experience

As cricket lovers from across India unite to cheer on their favorite teams, KFC’s new film hits it out of the park with Cricket Hai, Let’s KFC. The ad film celebrates the dhamakedaar pairing of KFC’s chicken with your match viewing experience, making it truly a special occasion with loved ones. Family time takes a new meaning when it comes to watching cricket at home. The energy is unimaginable as factions get formed and everyone has a view on what should or shouldn’t have happened. Capturing this emotion perfectly, KFC’s new TVC shows the heartwarming interaction between 2 cricketing fans - a grandmother & grandson - who unite over the love of the game but could easily fight it out over a Bucket of their fav KFC chicken.

In the TVC, we are introduced to a scene commonly witnessed across homes, where two generations, are seen enjoying a cricket match together. But in this case, it is an otherwise unlikely duo, a Dadi and her grandson. Like any cricket fan, the grandson is seen predicting what’s going to happen next in this nail-biting match. While binging on this favorite KFC crispy chicken the grandson confidently predicts that the batsman will hit a sixer, and to both their dismay, the batsman gets bowled, sending Dadi in a tizzy. As a peace offering, the grandson then offers to share his coveted KFC crispy chicken with her and offers her a piece. But Dadi has plans of her own. As the match takes place on the cricket field, the two indulge in a match of their own, which will decide who will win the next crispy, juicy, piece from their favorite KFC bucket.

Speaking about the TVC, Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India, said, “Whatever be the occasion, KFC is the perfect partner to induce that extra ‘crispiness’ into the celebration. Cricket is one such occasion that unites fans across age or gender, as they give into the excitement of the game and cheer on. Add a Bucket of KFC chicken to that and you have a match winner! Aptly demonstrated in this film with the quirky interplay between a grandmother & grandson; their banter over the match and fight over a piece of KFC chicken is as real as it gets. So put on your game face, and let’s KFC!"

Ritu Sharda, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy added, “We’re super excited about our new ‘Let’s KFC’ campaign. It beautifully illustrates how KFC fits in deliciously with every occasion. In fact, every occasion is even more special when you have KFC around. The first in the series is ‘Cricket Hai. Let’s KFC.’ Like cricket is celebrated across India by entire families from grandparents to grandchildren, so is KFC. The film is a must-watch and KFC is a must-eat. Don’t forget, shaam ko match hai, let’s KFC!”

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