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KitKat Canada introduces three new ice cream flavours

Espresso, Salted Caramel, and Matcha Green Tea are the new flavours while the ice cream box colour scheme mimics that of the chocolate.

Rumours when laid to to rest bring a sigh of relief. But, when KitKat Canada did the same thing, it led to more excitement and glee.

The chocolate major took to Instagram to announce, "... Yes the rumours are true! New KIT KAT ice cream is available now in 3 delicious flavours...which will you try first?"

The three new flavours are "Espresso Explosion", "Salted Caramel Burst", and "Matcha Green Tea". The three already exists as flavours in the brand's chocolate offerings.

But things aren't looking too bright for ice ceam according to Nestle, KitKat's parent company.

On April 24, 2020, Nestle announced its three-month sales for 2020. It reported that a majority of markets, particularly in North America and Europe, saw significantly increased growth in March, partially supported by consumer stockpiling. And the FMCG major also said that Confectionery and ice cream posted a sales decline, reflecting reduced gifting and impulse buying.