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Kolkata's 'cha' now gets the immunity of Dabur Honey

This immunity-boosting honey tea will be served at 15 Kolkata tea stalls and Dabur will provide its workers 'Suraksha Kits' for their safety.

"Tea, is elixir for Bengalis," says the voice-over in the new ad from Dabur Honey. Tea, along with football and politics form the trio that most Bengalis are passionate and fussy about.

Unfortunately, the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown closed these 'omnipresent' tea stalls... the stall owners and the tea drinkers suffered during this time. Even, when the lockdown was lifted, people were hesitant to visit their favourite tea stalls.

Dabur Honey decided, at this point, to step in and aid the tea stall owners and the tea drinkers through its initiative, 'Cha with Immunity Benefits of Dabur Honey’.

Under this initiative, 'Honey wala cha' was added to the tea menus at the stalls. Why? Honey not only boosts taste but also has natural antioxidants and minerals which help boost immunity.

And to ensure the safety of the tea stall workers, Dabur will also distribute Suraksha Kits – comprising a face shield, reusable face mask, hand sanitizer, washable gloves, and a headcover – to these workers.

“With the spread of the COVID pandemic, Dabur has been at the forefront of rolling out new products and initiatives aimed at boosting immunity and fighting illnesses. This initiative of serving cha with immunity benefits of Dabur Honey initiative is part of this mission. This Immunity Booster tea will be served at 15 Kolkata Tea Stalls offering consumers Health with Taste.

Under the theme “Ekhun Sudhumatra Cha Noy, Chaan, cha with immunity benefits of Dabur Honey. Dabur aims to create awareness about the importance of Dabur Honey in boosting immunity as well as leading a healthy lifestyle by replacing sugar with honey in your daily diet. To build natural immunity, people just need to add Dabur Honey in black or lemon tea and can have a combination of Taste and Health.” Dabur India Ltd Category Head-Honey Kunal Sharma said.

Dabur, as part of its commitment to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, launched an 'Immunity Kit' in June. The kit includes Dabur’s range of time-tested ayurvedic formulations, like Chyawanprash, Giloy Ghanvati, Giloy Churna, Stresscom Ashwagandha, ImuDab Syrup, Honey, Honitus, and Honitus Hot Sip. It is priced from ₹245 onwards. And Dabur also introduced 'Dabur Sanitize' hand sanitiser. It is available in three different fragrances – Regular, Lemon and Strawberry.