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Lenovo turns gaming laptop reviews into heavy metal music videos

Swedish metal band Iron Savages screams the reviews from ‘The Verge’ and ‘’ for two heavy metal videos.

There are product reviews and product reviews. Lenovo's new campaign has chosen the latter and made two heavy metal music videos out of it.

The Chinese multinational technology brand chose two reviews from ‘The Verge’ and ‘’ for its Legion 5i gaming laptop and Legion Tower 5i respectively and got real-life Swedish metal band Iron Savages to belt them out for the music videos.

Honestly, nothing can beat Iron Savages growling, “Legion 5i is an attractive yet plainly designed gaming laptop...”

Swedish agency Ehrenstrale that is part of the Omnicom group conceptualised the campaign while Claudio Marino directed and produced the two videos.

Cameron Faulkner of The Verge whose review was used for the video wrote a story on it where he revealed, "The agency asked for my permission to use some quotes from our review, and I said yes."