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Licious claims its chicken is the the juiciest in new ad campaign

The D2C meat brand uses the National Meat Research Institute's certification as evidence.

Licious, a premium meats and seafood brand has bagged ‘India’s Juiciest Chicken’ title by the National Meat Research Institute. It has partnered with Sideways Consulting to announce this certification to the world through an ad film campaign.

The film featuring Bollywood actors Gajraj Rao and Sheeba Chaddha opens with a couple finishing up a meal, the lovable Mamaji character from Licious’ previous campaign delights over Licious being India’s Juiciest Chicken (officially). Sideways had realised that the best marker of a juicy chicken, even pre-certification, was plates and bowls being ‘safa chatt’ (licked clean). The film concludes on a lighthearted note, accompanied by a voiceover proclaiming, "What Licious users knew unofficially for years, is now official—Licious is India's Juiciest Chicken."

Santosh Hegde, VP- brand, Licious, shares his vision for the campaign, “Being recognised by ICAR-National Meat Research Institute is a huge honour for the brand. At Licious, every bite is an explosion of flavour, and being 'Certified India’s Juiciest Chicken’ is a proud moment for us and our customers. This certification affirms our dedication to providing unparalleled moments of satisfaction and culinary bliss. However, the quest to deliver India's Juiciest Chicken has been more than a mission for us; it's been years of relentless hard work and dedication to perfect our offering in every way possible. The award by ICAR is of significant importance symbolising not just an accolade but a testament to our core values."

'Safa Chatt' campaign
'Safa Chatt' campaign

He added, "As you savour the succulence of Licious chicken, envision not just a meal but a celebration – a celebration of richness, tenderness, and the joy that each bite brings. In line with this, we've also launched a new film that embodies the joy of relishing Licious offerings. This isn't just a campaign; it's an aspiration to elevate your Sundays to a symphony of taste and togetherness. So what are you waiting for? Now certified bliss and juicy delight are just one click away”.

Abhijit Avasthi, co-founder, Sideways, adds, “Our task was to reinforce a sentiment that Licious users have been echoing for years. We always knew Licious was the juiciest unofficially, but now that’s official. We wanted the world to know that.”

Licious Team

Abhay Hanjura, Co-founder

Vivek Gupta, Co-founder

Santosh Hegde, VP - Brand

Divya Sud, Associate Director - Marketing

Shreyas M, Director - Brand & Consumer Strategy

Chandni Kukreja, Brand Manager - Marketing

Sideways Team

Leadership Team: Abhijit Avasthi, Sonali Sehgal

Creative: Sameer Sojwal, Nilay Moonje, Misht Srivastava, Viraj Nandivadekar, Ajay Narsimhan,

Shashank Mestry

Account Management: Vanita D’Mello , Farzaad Dastoor

Strategy: Siddharth Mohanty, Amatulla Mukadam, Manasvini Bhatia

Production House: Superfly Films

Director- Kopal Naithani

Producer- Tarun Bali

DOP- Jishnu Bhattacharjee

Production Designer- Indrani

Stylist - Saba Gaziyani

Editor - Jayant Tiwari

Music Director- Aman Pant

Post Producer - Mithun Bangera

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