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Little Joys discourages the nation’s obsession with Virushka’s new-born Akaay and other celeb kids

Spring Marketing Capital has made the ad for the baby wellness company.

India loves its celebrities, but in the past four to eight years, the country’s obsession with newborn kids of movie stars and athletes has reached alarming levels.

How else does one explain the several Instagram accounts that have propped for Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s newborn child Akaay, mere hours after the parents announced his birth?

And feeding this obsession are media and content companies which often hold strategy meetings in giant conference rooms on what kind of posts or reels will stand out amongst the clutter.

Little Joys, a baby wellness company, shows the workings of such meetings in its new ad. Executives of a presumed digital agency or media company discuss ideas on cashing in on the Akaay's fame.

The ideas presented include a cash prize for the person who sends them pictures of Akaay, or propping up the theories on whether the baby will grow up to become the next MS Dohni because Akaay's birth date when added becomes the former Indian captain’s jersey number.

Everybody seems excited except Ankush who feels they should turn good news (for Akaay’s parents and family) into breaking news, and does not want the cycle – he cites the media frenzy around Taimur and Raha – to repeat itself.

“What does a kids-focused health and wellness brand feel about the current brouhaha around celebrity kids? The constant desire to pap them, to obsess over their smiles and frowns, to try and make them as famous as their celebrity parents? What's their advice to folks like us who are watching this media circus? "let them kids alone." With all due apologies to Pink Floyd :-)” wrote Raja Ganpaty, founder and partner, Spring Marketing Capital, wrote on LinkedIn. 

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