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Lubi Pumps unveils new ad 'FLOW NAHI FORCE' ft. Gujarat Titans players

The campaign highlights the role of water in driving Gujarat Titans, demonstrating their shared dedication to excellence and performance.

Lubi Pumps, a manufacturer of water pumps and motors with an extensive network of 20+ branch offices nationwide and a global presence in over 80 countries, announces its official partnership with Gujarat Titans for the IPL 2024 season.

In celebration of this collaboration, the brand has launched an ad campaign featuring players from the team – Shubhman Gill, David Miller, and Umesh Yadav. Through this alliance, Lubi Pumps will stand by the home team throughout the season with its strong force.

Just as the force of water is crucial in the success of any pumping project, Lubi Pumps' dynamic campaign highlights this force as the driving factor behind Gujarat Titans in a bold new way – 'FLOW NAHI FORCE'. This campaign symbolises the shared commitment to excellence and performance between Lubi Pumps and Gujarat Titans, showcasing its dedication to achieving greatness together.

The launch film begins in a team briefing meeting of the Gujarat Titans. During the tactical discussion, GT Captain Shubman Gill presents the success formula: “F = MA”. As he explains Newton’s second law, the screen brims with energy, transporting the spectator to the source of the force – Lubi water pumps, which are transforming the perception of water solutions in India. This unexpected twist captures the essence of Gujarat Titans’ partnership with Lubi Pumps and propels their success while they perform.

Ronak Porecha, director of Lubi Pumps, stated on the campaign, saying, "We believe in serving nationwide communities through reliable water pumping solutions. And there is no better way to unify the communities in India than the sports, particularly cricket. Through Lubi Pumps partnership with Gujarat Titans, we are instilling our commitment to providing high-performance products & services to connect deeply with consumers. As the nation soaks itself in the fervour of cricket, we seek to resonate with the spirit of our consumers and enhance Lubi’s brand visibility in the market.”

Arvinder Singh, COO - Gujarat Titans said, "Lubi Pumps is a brand that shares Gujarat Titans’ commitment to excellence and high performance. Lubi Pumps' innovative approach to power progress through water solutions aligns perfectly with Gujarat Titans' vision for growth and success.”

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