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Maggi marries cricket with visual effects in a new ad, no zoomed-in shots of the noodles being prepared…

… It’s trying to catch the audience eyeballs focused on the last cricket series of 2020.

A bowl of Maggi in your hands and India playing Australia on the big screen, nothing can beat this experience. It’s exactly what Maggi thought for its new ad but in a surprising twist, there’s no focus on zoomed-in shots of Maggi being prepared.

Instead, we are treated to a few visual effects where the cricket ball falls out of the screen and the player follows to collect it only to see a simmering bowl of Maggi. He then misfields on purpose to step outside the television for a chance to taste the Maggi.

EiPi Media is behind this ad and in an Instagram post said: "Over the years, Maggi has surpassed itself as a brand and established itself as a food item in the dictionary of every Indian. Similarly, cricket isn’t just a game but an emotion in every Indian household. So when these two are combined, the possibilities are endless and opens up the opportunity to deliver nothing but the best."

"We created a video where we took a setting that the viewer could easily relate to, but the real game was in adding that moment that would leave the viewer goggle-eyed. And so we did. With visual effects that blended with the storyline, and also stood out. Watch our video where we simply brought the love for cricket and love for Maggi together, and let us know in the comments if you too think it’s been a cracker of a delivery."