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moneyview launches ‘Mann Hai Toh Money Hai’ campaign featuring brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor

The Fintech company has launched two films as part of the campaign.

moneyview, a leading fintech platform, has launched the ‘Mann Hai Toh Money Hai’ campaign featuring brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor. The campaign aims to shift the outlook towards the credit from a need to an opportunity while capturing mindshare and building preference for the brand. The company has launched two films as part of the campaign, wherein Ranbir positions instant paperless loans on moneyview as an opportunity to fulfil aspirations and personal goals.

In the first film, Ranbir is sitting in a living room with his dad, played by Naresh Gosain. Both are watching TV, where a woman is jet skiing on vacation. Ranbir then asks the father if he wants to go on a holiday too. With a single tap on his smartphone, a loan is processed, and ‘Papa’ is teleported to a vacation instantly. He then says the campaign line, “Mann hai to Money hai”, while speaking to his dad on TV.

The second film shows Ranbir helping his younger brother get a home theater setup that was on the billboard. With a single tap on his smartphone, the loan is processed, and the room is transformed into a home theater. The film ends with the same punchline.

Talking about the campaign, S V Prasanth Naidu, CMO of moneyview, said, “Loans are often viewed as financial tools for expenditures like weddings, medical emergencies or to meet an unplanned cash need. However, with this campaign, we are taking a fresh perspective on personal loans being used to upgrade one’s life and fulfill aspirations. In this campaign, Ranbir plays the protagonist who materializes the dreams of his family through moneyview. His characterisation and the films’ treatment has been designed to help us strike a chord with the larger audience and amplify our value proposition to the end consumer”.

“Our latest campaign focuses on making the idea of financial inclusion a reality in India. We are looking forward to reaching more customers and further strengthening our customer base,” Prasanth added.

Janmenjoy Mohanty, ECD, Dentsu Creative, said, “As living in the moment becomes more important, and fulfilling desires and experiences are on the rise, why should anyone have to put their aspirations on hold for want of money? That was the thought behind the Mann Hai Toh Money Hai campaign for moneyview. We feel we have an extendable, ownable thought that will connect with what consumers want across platforms.”

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