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Nukkad By Stage launches its new ad commercial in 'Desi Andaaz'

This new commercial is made to create an awareness amongst the community and to put forward the core objective of 'Nukkad'.

Nukkad by Stage, a new age infotainment media platform launches its new digital ad commercial creating brand awareness and letting people know the core idea of the brand with its catchphrase 'Desh Ki Baat, Desi Andaaz'. This new ad commercial not only explains the term 'Nukkad' and the idea behind it but it also makes us experience the real Bharat. The commercial is already live across all channels of Nukkad.

It introduces us with the editorial shows of Nukkad and brings together all the faces of the channel i,e., Raja Beta, Raju Panchayati, Wonder Womaniya and Digital Didi. Here, we meet all the characters/anchors who host shows like P Bole Toh Paisa, Paanch Ka Punch, Wonder Womaniya, Digital Didi Ki Online Baazaari, Trendsetter, Geeks N Games, etc. Nukkad covers various segments that the audience of Bharat is interested in like Finance, Health, Gaming, Technology, Relationship, Cinema, etc.

Moreover, here at Nukkad by STAGE the offerings are in sync to reach 536 million Indians who spend an average of 24 min per day on video consumption. Hindi is their primary content language because 450 million Hindi speakers in India are twice as big a market as our country's 220 million English speakers. Keeping that in mind, Nukkad has a total of 130M+ Reach, 50M+ Views, 10M+ Engagement, 110M+ Watch Time. Following are the assets (other pages) of Nukkad By Stage: Nukkad Foodmate, Geeksmate, Duniya Digest, and Nukkad Sports with a total audience of more than 10 million.

"Runa Sinha, vice president, commented that the new commercial is a refresh of the unique offering of nukkad which helps brands build trust ,awareness leading to conversations amongst the bharat audience . This will be coupled now with the other assets/ offerings of nukkad which has a significant following.

Founded by Vinay Singhal, Parveen Singhal & Shashank Vaishnav in 2019, Nukkad By Stage is a one stop platform for all those who wish to watch sensible, entertaining and empowering content in Hindi and wants to become 'हर मुद्दे के जानकार' because here they do 'देश की बात' in 'देसी अंदाज़'.

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