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Ola eyes 'corporates returning to work' in new ad

It positions itself as an efficient, effortless and safe mode of transport to get to the office.

While the lockdown is still ongoing or over depending on where you live, several offices have reopened and employees are attending office once again but with all the precautions of the COVID era.

But, there's one glaring issue that's on most employees' mind returning to work. How to go to offcie? As public transport is not applicable and even if it is, the risk of infection will keep everyone away. To fill this gap, Ola cabs, in a new ad is positioning itself as an effortless, efficient, and transparent way to get to the office.

Ola claims in the ad that the entire experience is not only easy to use but also simplifies expensive reimbursements. Adding to this is easy and transparent data access on usage and expenses as well as comprehensive cost-centre based reporting all through one single dashboard.

And yes, all drivers wear masks, undergo regular temperature checks, cars cleaned before every ride and fumigated thrice a week, and there's a protective screen between drivers and riders; part of Ola's five layers of safety.

Recently, Ola tied up with leading payments platform PhonePe to provide its customers with a seamless experience on the Ola app.