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Omara Dates appoints Amitabh Bachchan as Brand Ambassador

The campaign themed as 'pyaar bhi, khayaal bhi' urges people to include care along with their gestures of love.

Healthy snacks brand, Omara Dates, which recently hit stores in India, with its range of the finest gourmet Saudi dates has onboarded Amitabh Bachchan as brand ambassador. Through this association, Omara Dates aims to enhance the adoption of this healthy food for daily snacking and gifting.

Their campaign themed as 'pyaar bhi, khayaal bhi' urges people to include care along with their gestures of love. Because Omara dates are both lip-smacking and delicious as well as power-packed with health benefits, it is the only way to show both love and care, be it to the self or for others.

“Dates have been part of my daily routine and keep me energized throughout the day. Delighted to partner with Omara Dates" said Mr. Bachchan, in a statement.

Omara’s high-quality dates are hand-picked from one of the world’s largest date farms in Saudi Arabia whose extremely dry desert is known to produce some of the best varieties. These dates are then processed and packaged in a state-of-the-art facility in India to ensure that their purity, natural texture and flavors are retained.

“Dates have been imported into India for many years and we have become the largest importer in the world with almost 350 thousand metric tons landing here from more than 30 countries. However, the consumer demand has shifted from the value priced “dry variety” to higher priced “fresh variety”. Consumers are demanding the best quality available. However, there is a vacuum in the market and not many brands can promise to fulfil that. This is where Omara steps in. Our aim is to ensure that every household gets access to this superfood and enjoy the associated health benefits. With Mr. Bachchan’s association with Omara, we are confident of creating more awareness for quality dates in the Indian Market through him” says Supreeth MJ (Sandy), Co-Founder & Director Finance.

Stressing on the philosophy behind launching the brand, Anil Nair, Founder & Managing Director - Omara Dates, said, “We believe that the best of things in life are the ones produced by nature and everyone deserves it. With our robust pan-India distribution network through 70 plus distributors, all major retail outlets, airport stores and all foremost e-commerce platforms including our website; we would be able to make Omara Dates available to everyone who would choose a healthy alternative to their sweet cravings.”

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