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Oyo offers an alternative when WFH doesn’t work out

Now work in peaceful, sanitised rooms with high-speed wi-fi.

It’s 11.10 am and you’re all prepped inside your room. Five minutes later is the daily morning meet, a ritual of sorts, it is the time when you see all your colleagues and discuss the upcoming work tasks. Right, it’s time and you’ve joined the meeting. Now, as your colleagues appear on the screen, the door of your room is thrown open and someone asks, “Are you in a meeting?”

To work from home was a dream that, in reality, has proven otherwise. And it’s not only family members interrupting your work or meetings but there’s also the eardrum shattering noise from TV channels, the whistle from the pressure cooker, a shrill cry from a baby, or a meow from the kitty - homes are not meant for work. But, what do you do? Most offices are still shut and you can’t just waltz into a cafe, laptop in hand and work.

Going by Oyo’s new ad, it seems to have experienced this pain and hence it now offers you peaceful, sanitised rooms with high-speed wi-fi. The YouTube description of the ad says, “Work from home not working out? #YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodHotel gives you the peace you need, and more Wifi than you’d ever need!”

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Earlier in August, Oyo, through its ad, had urged Indians to step out and take a road trip - from their homes straight to a sanitised Oyo hotel.