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Pampers’ new spot shines a light on equal parenting, echoes the thoughts of a new dad

It’s the second ad, from the brand, within a week that’s aimed at fathers.

“Just being called a father is not enough. I must… become one,” echoes the father in Pampers’, a baby and toddler products brand from Procter & Gamble (P&G), second ad within a week that’s geared towards fathers.

The 120-second ad made by Leo Burnett shows us how a man’s character changes right from the time he rushes his wife to the hospital when she goes in to labor to taking on an equal parenting role as the baby comes home. From waking up at midnight to pacify his baby girl to changing her diapers to learning a new language to talk to her… “babies need their Papa as much as they need their Mumma.”

Called ‘A father’s promise’, Pampers says “It takes 2 to make a baby, it takes 2 to raise a baby! Pampers India is taking the first step in sharing a father’s promise and his pledge to be a partner in parenting!” You can take the pledge here.

It reads: “My little baby, you’ve added a whole dimension to my life ever since you were born. Fatherhood with you is such an adventure. Each day, I learn new things about you and myself, and I never knew I had so much love to give until you came into our lives. I’m delighted that Pampers has offered me this platform to pledge my growing love for you as your father. I trust Pampers for you because it keeps you soft and comfy as the little rose bud that you are. I am here for everything - be it feeding, sleeping, playing or diapering. Equally as a parent. Because #ItTakes2.”

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Last week, Pampers made a splash with their ad where fathers took on the role of a coach to help new dad Virat Kolhi succeed in the biggest challenge of his life i.e. fatherhood.