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Paree Sanitary Pads advocates for supportive workplaces for women in latest campaign

The latest campaign promotes #PeriodFriendlyWorkplaces.

On the occasion of Menstrual Hygiene Day, Paree Sanitary Pads, a homegrown feminine hygiene brand by Soothe Healthcare, announces the launch of its latest campaign, #EaseHerWorkFlow. This initiative is an extension of the larger #Pareevartan campaign, which has been dedicated to promoting awareness, education, and empowerment regarding menstrual hygiene since its inception last year.

The #EaseHerWorkFlow campaign by Paree Sanitary Pads advocates for supportive workplaces for women, promoting #PeriodFriendlyWorkplaces. Despite progress, menstrual health policies are still lacking. CIPD research shows that 49% of employees don't disclose menstrual-related absences to managers, highlighting the taboo around menstruation. Additionally, 67% of employers offer no support for menstrual health. The campaign includes a film emphasising the need for supportive actions and normalising menstruation discussions.

The campaign film illustrates how creating a more comfortable and dignified experience for women during menstruation is essential, both socially and professionally. It calls for active participation and the implementation of supportive measures to normalise and respect menstruation. Paree Sanitary Pads has introduced a Period Work from Home Policy, allowing women to work from the comfort of their homes during their menstrual cycle.

This policy acknowledges the unique challenges women face and aims to provide them with the flexibility and support needed to maintain their productivity and well-being. Moreover, the #EaseHerWorkFlow campaign highlights the crucial role men can play in supporting their female colleagues. Men can contribute by fostering an inclusive and empathetic work environment, advocating for menstrual health policies, and normalizing conversations about menstruation. By understanding and supporting their female coworkers, men can help create a more equitable and supportive workplace for everyone.

Sahil Dharia, founder and CEO of Soothe Healthcare, remarked on the launch "We are excited to introduce the #EaseHerWorkFlow campaign on Menstrual Hygiene Day. Our aim is to normalize and support menstruation in every aspect of life, especially the workplace. This campaign calls on society to take meaningful actions towards making menstruation a dignified experience for all women. By raising awareness and enhancing education, we can cultivate a society that truly understands and supports menstrual hygiene needs. We believe this initiative will pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable world for women."

Shruti Kapoor, lead – marketing at Soothe Healthcare, added, “At Paree we always strive to have a real conversation around Menstruation and that is reflected in our brand ethos and campaigns. With #EaseHerWorkFlow we want to show how an empathetic and collaborative environment can help women succeed at work and how these small gestures will bring true #Pareevartan when it comes to the whole menstruation narrative.”

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