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Parle provides a platform for open conversations this Father’s Day

The campaign focuses on gratitude and celebrating the presence of fathers in our life.

Giving a platform to children to express their feelings to their fathers, Parle Products, India’s leading biscuits, snacks and confectionery manufacturer, nudges upon relationship dynamics with the launch of a digital film to celebrate Father’s Day. The social experiment film was aimed at urging people to bring forth all that they leave unsaid to their fathers and take the opportunity of Father’s Day to communicate what they feel. To help facilitate the conversation, Parle shared some questions as thought starters that revolved around perception of their father and things that they have always wanted to express to them.

Addressing the communication gap between fathers and children, the film captures unscripted conversations between real duos of father and children to display raw emotions, and their heartfelt regard for the complex yet cherished relationship. The campaign focuses on gratitude and celebrating the presence of fathers in our life.

Speaking on the campaign, Krishnarao Buddha - senior category head at Parle Products said, “In everyday life, we often talk about the love, dedication and sacrifice of mothers, but there is not much conversation around the love and sacrifice of fathers, which is equally dear to a child. Very few talk about fathers who go above and beyond for their children, that too, without being able to fully express themselves. A father is the most important man in a child’s life, yet the relationship dynamic makes children hesitant to communicate their love and appreciation to their fathers as easily as they would do their mothers. There is so much that we want to thank them for, but often don't.

The purpose of this experiment was to give children the opportunity to convey gratitude and share the various occasions that made them proud, inspired, and grateful because of their fathers. By launching this campaign, we hope that our audiences will be able to identify and resonate well with the sentiment and be inspired to tell their fathers the three little words that we all need to say more often - ‘Thank You Dad!’

Conceptualized by creative agency, Please See, the film showcases 8 people aged between 18 and 30 years old with their fathers, expressing gratitude along with sharing their most cherished memories with their father. The social experiment shows children conveying their feelings to their fathers for the first time, which is overwhelming, nervous but also filled with the warmth of a father - child relationship.

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