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Pepsi celebrates the ‘messy’ moments we’ve missed so much; looks forward to enjoying them again

The ad comes at a time when fully vaccinated people in the US don’t need to wear a mask outside, except in big crowds.

Set to the classic broadway tune "Tomorrow" from Annie, Pepsi cola’s new spot is a toast to all those moments we thought we’d never experience again, especially the messy ones.

‘The Mess We Miss’ is a compilation of moments that’d seem unimaginable today - sitting inside a packed movie theatre, going to a baseball match and hugging the guy next to you after your team wins, eating hot wings while bowling, headbanging to an underground metal band performance, nights at karaoke bars….

The spot comes at a time when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the national public agency of the United States said those who’ve received both vaccines can step outside without wearing a mask except in big crowds.

The ad’s YouTube description read: Sometimes, it’s the overlooked and carefree moments in life that become unforgettable memories, even though, they might be at times - messy. We’re looking forward to a tomorrow someday soon when we can completely lose ourselves in these moments. Here’s to all the messes we never thought we’d miss and to finding our way back to a better tomorrow.

"Looking back at life before the pandemic, it's easy to feel nostalgic remembering social occasions that brought together family and friends like sporting events, weddings, and concerts. Even though now those moments might look a bit messy, this familiar past also represents an optimistic future we can all hope to achieve as we look to get to the other side," said Todd Kaplan, VP of Marketing - Pepsi.

"While nobody knows what our 'new normal' will look like, we believe that a life filled with these carefree moments of unapologetic enjoyment is one we can all aspire to," he went on to add.

Developed in partnership with VaynerMedia, ‘The Mess We Miss’ is available on digital and will soon debut on TV.