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P&G reflects on how women suffer the most setbacks during downturns...

... And adds that this time, we have another chance at equality.

"In every downturn and disaster in history, gender equality has been set back as women have stepped forward," says a voiceover in P&G's new ad called 'Choose Equal'.

From helming more responsibilities at the frontline and suffering more of the pay cuts to being the majority of the laid of employees to handling most of the responsibilities at home, the ad looks back at the most tumultuous events in human history to tell us, "Women always bear a heavy cost, " and adds that all of these aspects keep them from going back to paid work.

P&G then emphasises that these times are not unprecedented but, "They give us another chance for equality." And this can only happen if we step forward as equals. We can do this if we:

Care equal

Hire equal

Pay equal

Model equal

Do equal

Choose Equal

From Pride to protests against racial injustice, P&G has released, in the last few weeks, many thoughtful ad films to make us reflect on the events happening around us right now. And the consumer goods major wrapped up the above ad with the apt statement, "At home, at work, right now, for an equal future."

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