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PhonePe revives Darwin and Newton to plug its health insurance marketplace

The brand has been pushing for affordable health insurance, aiming to provide a way out of pricey annual premiums.

Newton’s apple, and Darwin’s apes take centre stage in PhonePe’s new ads. In a bid to promote its health insurance marketplace, the brand has launched two new ad films that revisit the prolific scientists from the past.

PhonePe launched its insurance platform in July, in association with leading insurers. The platform aims to break down annual premiums into monthly UPI payments, intending to alter the hefty one-time payment method employed by insurers. 

The new ads, however, plug the monthly premium offers off the shoulders of the iconic figures of science, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Wright Brothers. Set in a scenario where these renowned scientists are questioned about their groundbreaking theories the brand has found a way to position itself and its offering.

‘Maan-na mushkil, bharna aasaan’, is the tagline, of the two commercials that ride a fairly comical undertone, complimented by the period mise en scene presented by the films. In the first ad film, two characters from 19th century England are seen mocking Darwin for his theory of evolution, and Jignesh, for his PhonePe proposition.

While the other two films carry the same message, they are weaved together by the aesthetics of 19th Century England and 20th century USA.

Health insurance in India lacks penetration, with industry leaders often citing a lack of awareness and hefty annual premiums as the cause for consumer reluctance. In an interview with afaqs!, Nimish Agarwal, who is the executive vice president and CMO of Niva Bupa health insurance, revealed that the category currently only sees a penetration of about 3-4 per cent.

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To address this issue, insurers face the challenge of making health insurance products more accessible and affordable.


Director: Abhijit Sudhakar 

Producer: Anupama Ahluwalia for Zig Zag Films

Client: Ramesh Srinivasan, Neha Jishtu, Ishika Chakraborty, Yatithi Vidlani, Nigel Puthanangady

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