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Policybazaar and Akshay Kumar claim to take care of health insurance and hospital formalities in 30 minutes

The time assurance is interesting for it comes at a time when everyone is claiming to deliver goods/services in mere minutes.

Health insurance is the shield we all must carry but wielding it becomes a pain when hospital paperwork comes in the way of hospital admits and other critical junctures.

A lady experiences something similar in Policybazaar’s new ad. Rushing to admit her husband, an indifferent hospital staff member gives her a bunch of forms to fill and sign and make the payment before admitting her husband.

The lady, aghast, tried to muster a few words and before she could, a superhero arrives to save the day. Actor Akshay Kumar is Mr Policybazaar who helms all the form-filling and insurance responsibility and suggests the lady go and be with her husband instead of worrying about these things. What’s important to note is the claim of getting this all done in 30 minutes.

The piece of communication is important because, for most health insurance policyholders, this scene depicted in the ad is the moment of truth and if Policybazaar can walk its talk, then there is no stopping it.

Also, the promise of time is crucial because we’re in the age of quick commerce where the last mile of delivery/service is measured in minutes and not hours or days. 30 minutes, historically, reminds people of Domino’s Pizza ‘30 minutes or free’ offering so it is more likely to connect with first-time viewers.

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