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Porter's latest campaign spotlights cricket fans' superstitions and support for the Indian Team

The films reflect the lucky beliefs of the cricket fanatics as beacons of hope and a mark of support to the Indian cricket champions to keep them going.

With cricket fever sweeping the nation, fans are coming out in droves to support the Indian team. Porter, India's leading tech-based logistics company, is launching a campaign to celebrate this love of the game. The campaign, which will be streamed on digital platforms during India’s matches, comprises three fun ad films that highlight Porter’s commitment to providing seamless, efficient, and affordable deliveries.

An ode to the cricket fans of India, these films reflect the lucky beliefs of the cricket fanatics as beacons of hope and a mark of support to the Indian cricket champions to keep them going. From a lucky bucket to a lucky t-shirt to lucky mascots, the films also highlight how Porter delivery partners aid the timely delivery of anything, anytime and anywhere, helping fans support their team.

The first film, ‘Bucketasana’, highlights a cricket fan’s desire to perform his lucky pose to help the Indian team strike a sixer and Porter’s support in delivering the perfect bucket to help him do the upside-down lucky pose. The second film, ‘Lucky T-shirt?’, shows a Porter driver-partner delivering a lucky tattered t-shirt to a cricket fan from their home. Along with two other friends wearing similar lucky t-shirts, he puts on his t-shirt and watches the match while cheering through the winning moments. The last film, ‘Lucky Charm’, showcases Porter driver-partners as the lucky charm for the match for a shopkeeper. Everyone gathers at the shop to watch the match and is elated by a sixer hit, thanks to the good luck brought along by the driver-partners.

Featuring Biswapati Sarkar, Nikhil Ratnapakhi and Narendra Khatri, and conceptualised by Punt Creative, the campaign aims to reach the high-spirited cricket lovers of the country far and wide. Along with online streaming platforms, the campaign will be leveraged on other digital platforms, and through radio and OOH as well, creating a 360° approach.

Speaking on the campaign, Mohit Rathi, VP, customer growth & engagement, Porter said, “As India gears up to host one of the most important events in international cricket, this is the time for cricket fans all across the nation to rise up in support of our team. Through this campaign, we want to highlight how Porter can be a part of billions of fans' match day excitement and deliver smiles and good luck. The campaign showcases our commitment to delivering anything, anytime and anywhere - the assurance that Porter hai, ho jayega. We hope this resonates with the viewers and inspires them to stick to their own special rituals.”

Talking about the campaign, Drishti, copy supervisor, Punt Creative said, “The World Cup is an exciting opportunity for any brand to generate brand love. To do that for Porter, we had two motivations: the first being Porter’s commitment to deliver anything, anywhere, anytime that gave us a chance to let our thoughts run wild, and the second, the real stories of cricket fans that would help us stand out amidst the many ads played during the break. Owing to the format, each film was written with the short duration in mind, based on a deep-rooted insight that came from knowing, observing or being fans of the sport ourselves.”

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