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Public App’s new campaign takes cricket fans on a trivia quest

The CWC '23 location scan campaign will provide users a virtual tour across India's cricket stadiums.

Public App is embarking on a new journey across cricket stadiums hosting the ICC World Cup '23 matches, through its latest CWC'23 location scan campaign. Through this initiative, Public App's active user base of over 70 million will have access to special CWC '23 location scan information cards on the app. 

Users will be treated to intriguing trivia about the stadium in both English and Hindi, as well as the regional language of the state in which the match venue is situated. 

To amplify the campaign's appeal, the brand will conduct a range of interactive polls for app users and enable them to share the cards across various social media and messaging platforms. The campaign will be accessible throughout the duration of the ICC World Cup '23 and actively promoted across multiple digital channels.

The CWC '23 location scan cards will provide users with glimpses of the milestones etched in cricketing history at the various stadiums. These cards will showcase individual and team accomplishments, such as the best ODI performances, matches won, highest run totals, maximum individual scores, most sixes hit, best batting partnerships, remarkable bowling feats, and more.

The cards will also feature captivating trivia about the stadium itself, including details about its capacity, unique architecture, and distinguishing characteristics, such as being the highest-altitude stadium in India, hosting its inaugural World Cup match, or being the venue for the first-ever World Cup match on Indian soil. Furthermore, the cards will provide pertinent information about the match of the day, including the date, time, team compositions, and duration.

Talking about the campaign, Anya Luthra, vice president marketing, said, “When it comes to cricket, there's no place more enthusiastic and passionate than India. The fans are perpetually inquisitive, driven by an ardent desire to gain insights into the game. Hence, we came up with the CWC’23 Location Scan campaign and are certain that our users will thoroughly enjoy learning about interesting facts related to the match venues.”

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