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Reliance-backed Fynd Platform launches ‘Retail ka Naya address!' ad campaign

It targets budding entrepreneurs and pro retailers to help them exponentially grow their business online by setting up shop with the Fynd platform.

Fynd, India's largest omnichannel platform and multi-platform tech company, has rolled out an ad titled 'Retail ka Naya address!' to promote the Fynd platform, a quick and easy one-stop solution for opening your business online. They have already launched the advertisement campaign on YouTube and plan to promote it across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Conceptualised and produced by agency EmotionalFulls, Sandeep Jha is the brain behind the ad campaign. It features a retailer trying foul marketing tactics on a heartbroken woman sobbing from her failed marriage. He enters the scene (dressed as a bride wearing a bridal lehenga) and suggests his brand's bridal lehenga to the lady with a valid discount coupon, which she can wear in her second marriage. As the scene showcases a funny note, it soon fills viewers' hearts with laughter.

The ending of the advertisement highlights the ease and convenience of opening a business online by creating a website on the Fynd platform. The platform offers a 30-day free trial to retailers with no credit card requirements. Rather than opting for crazy marketing tactics, Fynd platform spotlights how effortlessly budding retailers can sell their products and services under one integrated platform to offer powerful shopping experiences to everyone from anywhere. By partnering with the Fynd platform, businesses can exponentially evolve by leveraging the many pre-set integrations, including payment integrations, marketing, super fast shipping, delivery, support etc.

Ragini Varma, growth lead at Fynd Platform, said, "COVID-19 has made the traditional business method obsolete. It has opened the doors for embracing the digital route and online transactions. As a result, it became challenging for small retailers to continue their survival as they lacked resources, proper understanding, and knowledge for starting their business online. Witnessing such a backdrop, we have helped these retailers to start their online businesses to cater to the changing customer preferences with the right guidance and support. We have helped these brands undergo a digital transformation by solving various problems related to delivery assistance, payment gateway integration, data insights with tracking and analytics, etc. We have launched our latest ad campaign to further extend our support to businesses in need and urge them to integrate with us."

“Our team is confident in receiving positive acceptance and responses from the audience as the Fynd platform is the need of the hour right now. It allows people to start their online business with easy drag and drop options, integrate their catalogue & inventory and get started. People can start their business in 30 minutes. Running a business with the Fynd platform is incredibly smooth because all the integrations are already in place- be it payment integrations, logistics, support, etc.", she added.

Fynd platform is a well-renowned name in the retail industry that constantly works towards ensuring accelerated growth and unparalleled success of retail businesses.

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