Aishwarya Ramesh

Samsung releases ad for its new privacy features

Over a minute long, the ad shows the different ways in which apps track a user's location, microphone and camera.

Privacy on smartphones can be a tricky issue. Samsung's latest ad throws light on how many apps use different permissions on your phone and various invasions of privacy.

The ad is over a minute long and shows the different ways apps track data. Apple has also used similar messaging in the past, by emphasising on the different ways that apps track user behaviour. The tagline of the ads is that the users have control over who sees their online behaviour.

With English punk band Delta 5’s ‘Mind Your Own Business’ playing in the background, we see a man, named Felix, heading to a cab he’d booked after grabbing a cup of coffee from a cafe. But, in a surprising move, the cafe’s barista follows him, jumps into the cab, and reveals Felix’s name and date of birth to the driver. More people keep following him, revealing more data about the user and, finally, it comes to a stop when he makes a choice on his iPhone.

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