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Samsung's new ad tells the tale of a slacker/thief

Two new ads for Samsung Knox ask why phones are so slow to respond to malware attacks.

Have you ever heard of a robber strolling out of a bank after he’s committed a crime? In a real-world situation, a thief robbing a bank would be hotly pursued, but in Samsung’s latest ad, he strolls out, grabs a cup of coffee, picks up his dry-cleaned clothes and takes a leisurely stroll down the road.

The ad is for Samsung’s latest security feature and points out that malware is often undetected in smartphones, much like a thief who walks into a bank, steals items and walks out undetected. It's interesting to note that in the first ad, the police show up at the scene hours after the robbery - as a metaphor for phones responding slowly to malware.

At the end of the ad, we see the police and security personnel show up immediately as the thief walks out as a testament to how fast the Knox security system acts. Knox is a security system installed on Samsung smartphones, and the ad emphasises on how quickly the phones block out malware and protect the users and their data.

Another ad for Samsung Knox features a security guard, who is looking on in confusion as the phone gets infected with malware. The ad asks ‘why trust only one pair of eyes to keep your data safe?’ Cut to another scene where malware is being blocked and handled in real-time by a team of experts. The highlight here is, how the security system is speedy, and how it can handle attacks in real-time.