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Schbang creates Britannia's 'world of biscuits' with AI

The agency has embraced technology to enhance the visual output. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of creative advertising today. From ChatGPT to Midjourney and Adobe Firefly, agencies are embracing technology in their creative processes. 

Recently, Schbang has made use of AI to enhance the visual output for its client Britannia. It has made the Jim Jam biscuits look like the London Eye. It has built a visual treat of rivers flowing with jam and factories that look like child's play. This world of biscuits has been created through a combination of smart prompts and image manipulation.

In a post on LinkedIn, Akshay Gurnani, cofounder and CEO, Schbang, says, "Midjourney and Adobe Firefly are great for generating images as a replacement for stock imagery, which sets the base for the final output you wish to create. In advertising, since we need to add in a lot of the branding elements, these AI-generated images will not be the end product but are a good starting point."

Schbang creates Britannia's 'world of biscuits' with AI

Schbang also uses ChatGPT; it takes the output and combines it with human expertise.

Schbang creates Britannia's 'world of biscuits' with AI

Speaking to afaqs! for an earlier article, Eva R Sachdeva, the agency’s content lead and manager said it adapts the content to suit the brand personality and its tone.

The key with AI is using the right prompts. Gurnani writes, "the more detailed the prompt, the more detailed the output. You can go to the extent of providing sensory and emotional descriptions, specific art styles, composition instructions, degree of light source and angles, etc."

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