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Social Pill’s newly launched AI tool simplifies self-declarations for advertisers

The tool aims to ease the burden on advertisers by generating the necessary information for self-declaration forms, says the company.

The Supreme Court of India’s May 7, 2024 mandate requires all advertisers and advertising agencies to submit a self-declaration certificate before publishing or broadcasting any advertisement starting June 18, 2024. This has caused concern in the advertising and marketing industry.

Several media and advertising industry bodies have voiced their concerns about the implementation and practicalities of the mandate. With the new regulations necessitating self-declaration for each advertisement, the industry has been grappling with the additional workload. The process involves filling out detailed forms on the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) portal, including ad descriptions, scripts, and other specific details. The sheer volume of ads and the dynamic nature of digital advertising make this a daunting task.

However, Social Pill, a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, has launched an AI tool, built on ChatGPT, to ease the burden on advertisers by generating the necessary information for the self-declaration forms.

“Since this applies to all creatives and advertising, we thought, is there a way to simplify this to try and save time wherever it’s possible? Being an AI-forward agency, we thought this was the best way forward,” says Neelesh R Pednekar, co-founder & head of digital media at Social Pill.

“We anticipated the ambiguity and chaos that could come along with the implementation of the self-declaration form and started working towards building the custom GPT. We have always leveraged technology to make things simpler and easier. This tool will cut down the burden on the executives who are managing the campaigns by reducing their time to fill in the self-declaration forms,” he adds.

Pednekar explains that the tool effectively works for both digital and print ads. However, it currently supports only static ads. This tool will not only help fill in the details on the MIB portal but also for advertisers who are self-declaring on the Press Council website.

Efforts are underway to extend its capabilities to video content as well. This tool will not only help filling in the details on the MIB portal but also for advertisers who are self declaring on the Press Council website.

How it works

Upload the creative: Users can upload their static or print ad creatives directly on the bot.

Generate content: The AI analyses the ad, understands its content and intent, and generates the required descriptions and scripts.

Copy and paste: The generated content can be easily copied, edited to make minimal manual adjustments for specific brand-related information, and pasted into the self-declaration form on the MIB portal.

Pednekar adds that the tool is completely free for everyone to use, and within a day of the launch, it has already received hundreds of queries. He further stated that the tool will be modified in accordance with the clarifications that come in on July 9, 2024, regarding the mandate.

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