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Spotify releases new ads, as 2021 comes to a Wrap

The streaming service is advertising for its 'Wrapped' feature, which is based on popular songs and people's listening habits.

Two new ads have been added to the advertising campaign for Spotify Wrapped. In addition to revealing the top music and podcasts streamed globally in 2021, Spotify Wrapped is also a personalised experience for listeners.

The ads cover a variety of themes that have come to be closely associated with the COVID pandemic. One ad for Wrapped features a young woman studying her textbook, as music plays in the background.

An earlier ad features a man working remotely from a beach – a luxury which people did not have until work from home became the new norm in 2020.

Another ad features a married couple having a romantic moment as they exchange glances...

Another leg of marketing Spotify Wrapped, is an outdoor campaign, titled ‘Totally normal for 2021’. The campaign includes over 100 creatives from Mumbai and Delhi.

Every creative is designed to instinctively connect with the events of 2021. For example, in a year of no parties, it was totally normal for Badshah to rap about water – Paani Paani streamed over two crore times in 2021.

Spotify releases new ads, as 2021 comes to a Wrap

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