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Spotify's latest international ad is a 'Thank you' note

It is an ode to listeners who have made the year 2020 memorable - getting through it, one song at a time.

2020 has been an unforgettable year. Work and classes shifted online, parenting became a challenging affair. Spotify's 'Thank you' video is a tribute to some of the biggest trends of 2020.

The video includes 'everything is cake', Zoom calls, virtual concerts and playlists that look forward to the year ahead. It also paid tribute to essential workers, who kept the economy going during the COVID pandemic.

There are references to virtual dating, gardening, painting and other hobbies that people took up in quarantine. The video also paid tribute to runners, who kept going with a mask on, and protesters, who stood for justice, also with their masks on.

Podcasts, sweatpants, murder hornets were all referenced to as well. The video ends on a hopeful note, mentioning that it couldn't have asked for a better community to end the year with.

Earlier in December 2020, Spotify introduced 'Wrapped', a worldwide summary of a person's listening trends during the year. This year, 'Wrapped' has been all about telling a story of gratitude and resilience. The intent is to recognise many people, i.e., artistes, podcast creators, passionate listeners and everyday playlist creators, who kept people entertained, grounded and informed through it all.