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Star Sports' new ad for the upcoming Dream11 IPL celebrates the watchmen

Here's to the watchmen, who have tirelessly donned many hats to keep all of us going in the new normal says the brand.

We're in unlock mode but the pandemic hasn't left us and we still need to remain careful. It's also an opportunity to retrospect the last few months and celebrate those individuals who've gone above and beyond to help us.

Star Sports' latest ad in its 'Ek Saath Waali Baat' campaign looks at the watchmen, the first line of defence of housing societies. They had to don several hats in the last few months. From keeping a strict vigil to allowing entry to only permitted people to deliviring goods from the society gates to people's doorsteps and whatnot – it's been a tough few months for them.

The ad celebrates a watchman's efforts and shows us members of a housing society get together to applaud and cheer him. A previous ad from Star Sports was on similar lines where it showed us how individuals did their bit to help others during these trying times.

The IPL is one of those events that brings India together and that's the aim of this campaign... Bring everyone together to watch it.

The Dream11 IPL will be held in the UAE this year, from September 19 till November 10. The afternoon matches will start at 3.30 p.m. (IST) and the night matches will start at 7.30 p.m.