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'Suno Sabki Karo Multi' is ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund's new campaign for cricket enthusiasts

The campaign is aimed at promoting investor education amongst cricket enthusiasts in partnership with Disney Hotstar during the on-going Asia Cup 2023.

Investing in multiple asset classes can help you build a diversified portfolio. That’s where Multi Asset Allocation Fund (MAAF) comes into play. It eliminates the risks of investing in single asset class and let you invest across multi assets for better diversification and managing volatility. This fund category is an open-ended hybrid scheme that invests in at least three asset classes. The three most popular asset cases in this scheme include: Equity, Debt and Gold. Each asset class plays a role in balancing the investor portfolio.

Through its latest investor education initiative campaign, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has partnered with Disney Hotstar for the on-going Asia Cup which ends on 17th September, 2023. Hotstar is known for its extensive coverage of cricket matches, hence, this partnership will enable ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund to attract a vast audience of cricket enthusiasts who are highly engaged during live matches, targeting them to show our MAAF ad. The partnership aims at garnering 600 + Million impressions and participating as digital sponsors through the tournament. 

Abhijit Shah, head- marketing, digital & customer experience, ICICI Prudential AMC said, “The idea behind this campaign is to create awareness about Multi Asset Allocation Funds. By saying “Get the advantage of a 3-in-1 Fund” - we are trying to apprise the investor that while choosing one asset class to invest in a volatile market is quite difficult, this fund category provides you an opportunity to invest in multiple asset classes, hence, balancing your portfolio and protecting you from market volatility.” He further adds, we aim to increase awareness, attract new investors, and educate the existing investors on the benefits of diversified investment strategies for all the cricket enthusiasts watching the match.

The campaign will reach the masses via digital and new age platform- Disney Hotstar. We will also use social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to reach a wider audience. Since this is an investor education initiative, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund aims to reach maximum number of people (especially between 25 and 55+ years old) and get them to understand the “Advantage of a 3-in-1 Fund”.

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