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Super-Pups take centre stage in Apple's latest campaign

Titled ‘The Invincibles’, the ad film brings to you the story of disabled dogs who regained mobility with the help of Apple’s LiDAR tech.

In anticipation of International Dog Day on August 26, Apple's latest advertising campaign, titled "The Invincibles," presents an unconventional perspective by highlighting the inspiring narratives of disabled dogs who have rediscovered their mobility through custom prosthetic devices, with the help of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

The campaign brings forward stories of seven such canines that have conquered adversity and found comfort via Apple's tech.

The stars of this heart-warming campaign aren't the products or the individuals driving it but rather the lovable dogs being liberated from their disabilities.

These resilient animals are all clients of 3DPets, a pioneering company situated in Boonton, New Jersey, that specialises in crafting custom-fit mobility solutions for animals.

The distinctive element of 3DPets' approach showcased in this campaign lies in its utilisation of Apple's sophisticated technology, specifically the TrueDepth and LiDAR cameras found in the iPhone 14 Pro. 

Narrating the journey of Trip, a resilient tripod dog who narrowly escaped euthanasia as a puppy before being rescued by his owners, “The Invincibles" stands as a concise 30-second ad campaign that provides viewers with fleeting yet impactful glimpses of Trip's remarkable recovery. 

On the other hand, the longer film titled "Trip's Story" spans nearly three minutes, allowing for a more comprehensive exploration of how 3DPets and Apple’s tech played a pivotal role in Trip's journey to recovery. Both ads were filmed using the iPhone 14 Pro. 

In the film Alex Tholl and Adam Hecht, the owners of 3DPet use an iPhone 14 Pro Max to meticulously scan Trip's body using its TrueDepth and LiDAR cameras. These scans serve as the basis for constructing customised prostheses that fit the tripod dog’s needs perfectly.

Once he has his new limb, Trip's remarkable agility takes centre stage as he revels in the great outdoors, radiating joy while bounding freely, all beautifully captured through iPhone lenses. 

Besides Trip, the campaign also spotlights six other cases of canine recovery—Cleo, Eve, and Samson, who are equipped with front full-limb prosthetics, and Poky, P!nk, and Summer who rely on prosthetic carts for mobility.

The ad film displays the well-known "Shot on iPhone" statement at the conclusion, preceded by an additional declaration: "Made with iPhone."

Apple also commissioned a post-recovery photo shoot for the seven happy stars of the campaign. Photographer Leeor Wild captured their big toothy smiles using the iPhone 14 Pro.

The primary purpose of advertisements is to persuade audiences by substantiating claims about products.

Consumers typically view ads to make informed decisions about whether to make a purchase based on the accuracy of the claims being presented. In fact, the entire smartphone category is riddled with players bent on one-upping each other. 

What sets Apple apart in this instance is the delicate plug of its technology within an abundantly sentimental plot. Instead of promoting the product and its features outright, the campaign highlights how its product profoundly affects the lives of these adorable dogs.

The brand combines factual information with emotive storytelling to create a strong and touching message that is hard to question or dispute, aiming to leave audiences not just convinced but also appreciative.

This campaign stands in stark contrast to the common tropes and narratives that dominate the smartphone advertising landscape.

Even when compared to the conventional approach in older Apple advertisements, which primarily focused on how their products simplify users' lives, this current campaign marks a departure from Apple's usual messaging strategy, as the company has seldom explored such heartfelt narratives in its promotions.

The ad film displays the well-known "Shot on iPhone" statement at the conclusion, preceded by an additional declaration: "Made with iPhone."

Moreover, the technological innovation at play here goes beyond the ordinary. Apple taps into a novel narrative that resonates on both a technological and emotional level.

This marriage of smartphone technology, items easily carried in one's pocket, with a specialised field like 3D prosthetics is a radical departure from the norm. 

By subtly intertwining their product's ultra-modern features with an uplifting narrative of disabled animals regaining mobility, and positioning their brand as a catalyst for positive change, Apple presents a message that stands out dramatically in the highly competitive smartphone ad sphere.

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