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Swiggy reimagines movie tropes for Match Day Mania

The IPL-themed discount season needed a touch of the movies.

In the mythology of food ordering apps, discounts are the blessings we, human beings, pray for the most. When we visit the temples of these digital deities, the bigger the discount, the more passionate devotees we become.

Swiggy, one of India’s most popular food ordering almighty apps, is enjoying its festival right now, during the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL), in the form of Match Day Mania (MDM).

What is this? It’s the festival of discounts (up to 60 per cent) from top brands on Swiggy.

The app has released three ads, and each one plays on a movie trope.

A man has received his date of execution from the court. For his last wish, he wants the jailer to order Chicken 65 for him. The jailer, now emotional, says he will add rotis too.

During a bank robbery, there is a hostage crisis. The police has accepted the demands of the robbers. As we wait for the runaway helicopter to arrive, how about a quick bite? Mexican? Tacos?

From bank robbers to a professional hit. Only this time, it’s not on a human being, but Japanese food. Sushi for you?

All three ads were made by the production house ‘Early Man Film’.

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