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Swiggy’s new spot is a peek into an employee’s hunger cravings

The online food delivery platform’s ad shows the 'complicated task' of deciding what to order for lunch.

With most organisations now resuming work from office, leading online food delivery platform Swiggy’s new ad looks at what goes on in an employee's mind when hunger strikes. 

The four-minute-long ad features Swiggy’s senior marketing manager Viren Sean Noronha who, like most people, is unable to concentrate during a team meeting that is scheduled right before lunch time. He has to decide on what to order from outside.

It is interesting to know that even Swiggy’s employees have a tough time deciding what to order for lunch.

What follows is a never-ending process of narrowing down the food options. After making a list of his options, like biryani, pizza, butter chicken and salad, that takes him over two hours on the Swiggy app, Noronha finally decides on his lunch.

There is always someone in the office who'd like to order lunch with you, especially when it comes to fast food. This is what happens with Noronha too, as soon as one of his colleagues sees that he's about to order his lunch from McDonald’s.

After quite a bit of waiting and slight confusion regarding the delivery partner, Noronha finally receives his order.

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