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Talented introduces 'Thinker-Doer', a two week bootcamp for designers

The program will be held from March 4 to March 15 at Talented agency's headquarters in Church Street, Bengaluru.

There is always been a subtle bias in how teams are organised in the agency business. Cracking 'big ideas' is typically designated as the copywriter's job and the idea’s execution is where the designer's (only) job begins and ends. Over time, this has led to designers in the industry focusing solely on the craft and missing out on the essential skill-building required to conceptualise and lead campaigns end-to-end.

This two-week bootcamp offers an opportunity for six selected designers with 1-4 years of experience, to expand their creative horizons beyond their primary skill sets. With the guidance of globally renowned creatives, planners, and suits, participants will gain insights into various aspects of creativity, including development, ideation, self-evaluation, and presentation skills. All culminating in a capstone project.

The program is a transformative learning experience to turn designers into swiss-army-knife creatives and realise their full creative potential.

Meghana Bhat, Ex-NCD, Webchutney and Binaifer Dulani, founding member and creative, Talented are the program directors for the first cohort of the program.

They said, “Thinker-doer was born from the idea that imposter syndrome is best tackled not by looking into a mirror and speaking affirmations but by imparting education and creating opportunity. It is a meaningful step towards protecting the talent within the advertising industry by seriously investing in developing that talent. Creatives in the design discipline excel at their craft, but often, their executional magic also limits the opportunities that come their way. At the heart of every creative, is an ideas person, who, if nudged in the right direction, can conceptualise the next era of advertising, and not just execute someone else’s vision. Thinker-doer aims to help every member for its first cohort to internalise this larger role and self image.”

The foundational program runs from March 4 to March 15, at Talented Agency’s headquarters in Church Street, Bengaluru, furthering the agency’s commitment to equity, inclusion and talent development in the Indian advertising industry.

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