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Tata Asset Management launches 'Yeh Jugalbandi Hai Sahi' campaign to drive investor awareness around large & mid-cap category

The film is designed by Asymmetric Creative.

Tata Asset Management company, as a part of its 'Desh Kare Nivesh' initiative has launched its new investor education campaign - 'Yeh Jugalbandi Hai Sahi', to spread awareness on large and midcap category. The asset management company emphasises that stability and growth in investments can be achieved through investments in large and midcap category.

The brand has used various art forms, such as music and dance, as a central theme to illustrate the advantages of large and midcap category. The campaign is based on the insight that, much like different instruments come together to create harmony in music, a balanced investment portfolio can be achieved by investing in large-cap and mid-cap category. 

On the launch, Ashish Pawar, head - marketing, Tata Asset Management, said, “We are delighted to launch our new campaign - 'Yeh Jugalbandi Hai Sahi', as a part of 'Desh Kare Nivesh' initiative. We have leveraged various art forms like music and dance, to explain the art of investment and further educate investors about large and midcap category. The fusion of large-cap and mid-cap investments meets the current demand, combining the stability of established companies with the growth potential of emerging ones to create a sustainable and moderately rewarding financial composition.”

In the world of investments, a unique harmony is created when stability and growth come together – just like the captivating blend of musical notes in a Jugalbandi performance.

The 21-day long campaign includes digital amplification of ads and creatives across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. 

The film is designed by Asymmetrique Creative Private limited.

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