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Tauda drink Nescafe Gold, sadda drink drink?

The McCann conceptualised creative is quite the way to discourage drunk driving and offer a smart alternative.

Nescafe India’s PSA type ad has made the rounds online for all the right reasons.

Made by McCann WorldGroup India, it has the perfect mix of smart copy and art. For starters, you can read two messages. One, it tells you to don’t drink and drive. Second, it tells you to not settle for just any coffee but to drink something special and drive the moment – and the post caption talks about Nescafe Gold as the ‘something special’ drink.

But, what caught our eye was the amazing artwork. The blend of the coffee and wine bottle and the beans taking place of the red liquid…

…Although Nescafe India had released it for New Year’s Eve to discourage drunk driving and encourage people to wake up to a simmering cup of coffee on the first day of 2021, we believe it suits any date and it we came across its print ad in the Mumbai edition of The Times of Indian 9 January 2020.

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