Ubaid Zargar

The Times of India partners with Ariel post its sixth rendition of ‘Share the Load’ campaign

The newspaper turned its matrimonial page into a section of tips and recommendations for husbands and wives.

A month after Ariel unveiled the sixth edition of its ‘Share the Load’ campaign, The Times of India has partnered with the brand to extend the campaign proposition over to its newspaper. The newspaper’s matrimonial page has been reconstructed into a section of tips and recommendations for already married couples who wish to see a sustained relationship. 

Partha Sinha, president, The Times of India Group, took to LinkedIn to announce the collaboration, in a post that contextualises the effort, and takes cognizance of the social reforms that the campaign aims to manifest. The idea has been conceptualised and executed by BBDO.

In 2015, P&G’s detergent brand Ariel took it upon itself to reconsider gender roles within a household. Under the campaign ‘Share the Load’, the brand has for six years tried to highlight, and ambitiously rid the society of unequal and unfair distribution of household chores between men and women. 

The brand recently unveiled the sixth edition of the campaign, this time pointing out the inevitable demise of long-term relationships that aren’t founded upon equal efforts and contribution.

The ad film shows an elderly couple, who’ve perceivably been married for many years, growing apart. The husband, who’s heartbroken over the silent separation with his wife, is left to wonder if it is something that he could have controlled. 

It is only after his daughter puts her two cents in that he realises how things could have been different if he had ‘shared the load’ with his wife, who for years had been shouldering the responsibility of being a working mother, while taking up the household chores.

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