Ubaid Zargar

Tiger Shroff wants you to add Coke Zero to your meal in this spot

The brand is positioning the beverage as an add-on to your food orders.

Coca-Cola, one of the world's most recognisable beverage companies, recently unveiled a new commercial featuring Bollywood celebrity Tiger Shroff. The ad showcases Shroff in a high-flying scenario, quite literally.

Set against the backdrop of a commercial aircraft, the ad opens with Shroff comfortably seated, anticipating his meal service. As a stewardess approaches with his order comprising a sandwich and salad, a seemingly innocuous moment takes an unexpected turn. The twist arrives when a magazine placed beside Shroff catches his attention, transitioning from a static image to an animated persuasion. In an imaginative sequence, the magazine's image of another stewardess springs to life, subtly advocating for Coca-Cola's sugar-free offering, Coke Zero.

Shroff, influenced by the animated suggestion, decides to complement his meal with a serving of Coke Zero. The subsequent scenes depict him relishing the culinary experience, bathed in the warm glow of sunlight streaming through the plane's window.

This latest ad venture marks Shroff's continued collaboration with Coca-Cola, particularly in promoting Coke Zero. Notably, in February 2023, the actor featured prominently in another Coke Zero commercial alongside fellow actor Imaaddudin Shah. That advertisement was designed to highlight Coke Zero as a sugar-free alternative without compromising on taste.

What sets this recent campaign apart, however, is the strategic positioning of Coke Zero as an accompaniment to a meal—an approach reminiscent of a previous marketing tactic employed by Coca-Cola's subsidiary, Thums Up. In a notable ad campaign featuring Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan, Thums Up was portrayed as the ideal beverage pairing for a quintessential Indian dish—biryani. Khan's memorable line, "You don't drink a soft drink with Biryani. You drink Toofan," cleverly positioned Thums Up as the beverage of choice for such culinary occasions.

The parallels drawn between these two campaigns raise intriguing questions about Coca-Cola's broader marketing strategy and its emphasis on associating its beverages with specific consumption moments. By integrating Coke Zero seamlessly into the dining experience of its protagonist, Coca-Cola appears to be tapping into the growing consumer demand for healthier alternatives without compromising on taste or convenience.

Tiger Shroff was onboarded by Coca-Cola last year in February as the brand ambassador. Notably, the actor has represented Pepsi in the past as well. 

Coca-Cola is currently pushing its Coke Zero offerings internationally as well. In the United States, the brand, under its campaign Best Coke ever?, has introduced an offline activation called March Madness. The campaign features two ads featuring former college basketball players, which will air during the NCAA college tournament. 

The ads depict the state of fans during the intense tournament matches, especially when their favourite player or the opposition team step up to take a free throw. The campaign will include watch parties on campuses, and on-ground presence towards the end of the tournament.

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