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Tinder shows us the cutesy version of first dates and kisses in four new films

The dating app is pushing itself as the only cool and plausible way to make and date connections.

While most people, when the 1st of January arrives, hope to lose weight, to travel more than last year, or to do something that makes them happy, the singles of the world beg to the makers, “Please, do your thing because I can’t spend another year alone.”

Tinder’s newest series of films are, in a way, the divine intervention singles wished for as the clock struck 12 a couple of days ago. The dating app with its films asserts it is the place where you’re most likely to forge a connection and eventually a relationship. This is in India, unlike the west where the app is majorly used to score a one-night-stand.

Each film deals with a first: date, kiss, sorry, new beginnings and features multiple couples that tell us how they were all able to find each other because of Tinder.

In the last week of December, Tinder released some data points which reflected its love for Gen Zs and gave us insights such as, “38 per cent of the Gen Z cohort on its app is looking for someone trustworthy while 36 per cent are seeking a connection with a sense of humour, 12 per cent are on the lookout for someone who “is not an ass”, and 14 per cent are looking for a kind date.”

The dating app’s role became central since the lockdown(s) because that is how people were able to meet each other. With Omicron raging across India and caseloads increasing every day, real-time meetings will take a backseat and dating apps like Tinder will come into focus again. There is still hope for the singles.

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