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Unacademy ad illustrates need for teaching youngsters to ‘respect boundaries’

Made by Lowe Lintas, the spot shows us how a brother opening her sister’s bag is nothing but an invasion of her privacy and boundaries.

Some lessons must be taught in one’s adolescence. Leave it to adulthood and it’s too late, and the result is a monster masquerading as the protector.

In Unacademy’s latest spot, it’s about a brother’s protective nature toward his sister expressed in the form of brawls. It turns out that the brother had discovered a love letter written by Robbie to his sister. And being the big protective elder brother, he decided to set Robbie straight and, as a result, suffered a bruised face. So noble, isn’t he?

No, he is not. Why? Because he opened her bag to discover the letter. Now, that’s overstepping boundaries, isn’t it? This is what his father explains to him as he gets annoyed over his father's indifference and lack of support for his 'right and courageous' act.

The ad’s description on YouTube reads:

“Unlearn to assume.

To impose.

To intrude.

For lack of boundaries, often means lack of respect.

For when you respect her privacy, you respect her!”

Made by creative agency Lowe Lintas, the ad, which is just over two minutes long, shows us how such behaviour needs to be nipped in the bud.